Turn your table into a Drum Kit!

DrumsAnywhere is a new innovative software that lets you turn any ordinary object or surface (e.g. your table) into an expressive, realistic-sounding, drum set! The only thing you will need is one microphone. No other equipment is needed.


How it works?

1. Attach a single microphone into your surface.
2. Indicate each position of your drum pads by tapping a few times on your surface.
3. That’s all.
DrumsAnywhere will do the rest. Enjoy the most realistic, natural and fun drumming experience possible!

Pad set up
DrumsAnywhere pad setup.

DrumsAnywhere Features

DrumsAnywhere interface
DrumsAnywhere main screen. 8 velocity-sensitive drum pads are available.

DrumsAnywhere is Portable

Completely Portable: Play Drums Wherever and Whenever you Wish.

No need to carry and assemble a heavy drum set anymore. Play or practice drums when the inspiration strikes, anywhere you like (e.g. at your vacation, in your dorm room etc.)

Also, you can use headphones so you can play silently at midnight without annoying your family or your neighbors.


Velocity-Sensitive Drum Pads: Play Naturally and Expressively.

Just like the expensive electronic drum kits, DrumsAnywhere is also velocity sensitive. In simple words, this means that the harder you hit the surface, the louder the drum sound will be. This allows you to play drums very expressively. DrumsAnywhere will respond to every nuance of your playing style.


Low-Latency Response: Always be Tight on Rhythm.

We know that fast drum audio response is very important for you and every drummer. There must be no audible delay between the time the drum is struck and when the sound is heard. DrumsAnywhere is optimized for ultra-low latency, so you can enjoy natural playing without annoying delays.

If you need even faster response, ASIO compatibility is also provided. Of course, DrumsAnywhere will work with standard (non-ASIO) sound cards as well.


High Quality Audio: Your Drums Solos will Sound Professional and Realistic.

Forget the cheap sounding sound libraries. DrumsAnywhere comes bundled with 9 professional-quality percussion kits so you can play all different styles of music. And if this is not enough, you can provide your own sounds as well.

Here is a complete list of the sound sets included:

1. Acoustic Drum Set

2. Rock Drums

3. Garage Rock Drums

4. Jazz Drums

5. Latin Percussion

6. Classical Percussion

7. Epic/Cinematic Percussion

8. Dubstep/Electronica

9. TR-808 Electronic Drums
DrumsAnywhere is for the creative mind

For the Creative Mind: Beyond Table Drumming.

Amazingly you are not limited drumming on tables only. Anything around you can become a drum set, for example: Everyday common objects (e.g. a coffee mug), a blackboard, a chair, a statue or even the floor and the walls of your room.

In general, any hard surface flat or irregular can become a drum kit.

Now you can create exotic percussion sets , use it for art installations or amaze your friends. Your imagination is the limit!

Watch some rather unusual and creative uses of DrumsAnywhere below:


MIDI Support: Connect to Popular Music Software and Gear.

DrumsAnywhere can also be used as a MIDI controller. Use the MIDI output to:

  • Control any VST instrument (like BFD3, Battery, EZDrummer, Addictive drums and more)
  • Record your performances as MIDI files using your favorite sequencer (Cubase, Logic, Ableton Live, Pro Tools, etc.)
  • Control any MIDI-compatible equipment like synthesizers, LED lighting etc.

    DrumsAnywhere ASIO and MIDI setup
DrumsAnywhere is cost effective

Cost-Effective: Do Not Spend a Fortune on Acoustic or Electronic Drums.

We believe that drumming and music should be affordable to everyone. DrumsAnywhere brings you the same drumming experience at the fraction of the price. Besides, playing drums on any object is way more fun!

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The heart of DrumsAnywhere is a proprietary computer algorithm called WaveTrack.

As the surface is hit, the acoustic impulse causes multiple reflections in the medium. Those are analyzed by WaveTrack algorithm and the precise location of the impact is pinpointed. For the first time, only a single sensor (microphone) is needed.

If you are interested in using WaveTrack in your application, please send us a description of your project and we would be happy to discuss with you the options of a possible cooperation. Contact us here.





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